I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I want this blog to represent. I have had a little trouble trying to mold the amorphous mass known as my aesthetic interests into some tangible form. Sometimes, I can speak clearly about what I’m thinking or feeling and other times, well…maybe not so much.

Often times when I’m experiencing doubt, I try to talk myself into hitting the DELETE button and send this whole thing into the great recycle bin in the sky. I was almost successful at being convinced that blogs should be reserved for 15-year old girls with eating disorders, since they have much, much more to say about life than I do.

In full and fair disclosure, this blog was a result from total and utter Facebook burnout. I found myself hitting REFRESH constantly on my news feed, desperately looking for some kind of content in which to inspire me to think differently about something OR (quite ironically) to get me away from Facebook. Much to my chagrin, the house that Mark Zuckerberg built has evolved into a forum where adults can post passive-aggressive retro-stock photos telling their friends just how inadequate they all are and simultaneously announcing to the world that anyone over 35 is a full-blown alcoholic.

I digress.

Needless to say, using Facebook as a forum to express creativity of any sort was an exercise in futility (“you’re bogarting my wall with all of your weird musical tastes Floyd”) so a new platform had to be established.

Dear reader, you will find out in a New York minute what my passions are for I wear them proudly on my sleeve. My enthusiasm for these things will borderline on diseased at times and I am absolutely OK with that. The one thing that Steve Jobs drove home in his biography was that if you were going to do something important in the world, be a crazy, controlling, obsessive freak about it.

Let this be the only warning I give to the reader of this blog: my tastes and interests change faster than America’s love for the latest winner of American Idol. Oh, and that I have every right to remain inconsistant 😉

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