In a conversation with a dear friend, they had asked me to take a picture that represented an exchange between them and someone else via text message.

At first, I found the task challenging for I tried to come up with the cleverest way to take a picture that would demonstrate the concept put forth. I racked my brain trying to decide where I could possibly take the photo to achieve the best effect. My ego got involved and went immediately for the “WOW!” factor as I began to contemplate the angles, the lighting, which camera to use, etc. 

This morning, I checked the message again and [something] occurred to me that I hadn’t thought of before: a simple idea, an AMAZINGLY succinct picture that would answer this challenge…

not much time left, ya’ know. only time to love in honesty and be brave.

The picture would be LIFE itself.

What if you were told that at the end of the day, you would lose your sense of sight. Would you not want to travel desperately to the most wondrous place on Earth to drink in its beauty? What if you were told that you would no longer be able to hear again? Would you not want to listen to your favorite song over and over again until it [became] a part of you. Maybe you would want that “last” meal so you would savor every nuance of taste? Same goes with our other senses: how would you react to no longer having the ability to smell the wafting odors of incense, or that of your lover?

I answer this challenge with absolute emptiness, a completely blank space that is meant to be filled in.

We ALL are responsible for what we do with our time in this life. Maybe we’re given far too much time to squander and it’s up to us to not begin living our life at the last minute.

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