love in parallel dimensions

“From Sabine Stroheim”
the outside paper read:
A tin box
[a lady, PARIS, flea market]
the contents…
a lock of hair,
the only piece of yourself
you could send me, it said
black, with a red rubber band
to keep it from coming
little plastic bags
containing wondrous
a leaf, a rock, earth
“the ground beneath your feet”
you write.
a vial
earthy, brown texture
I inhale its scent
the memories rush back
to me
of a side road
to who knows where
green all around us
we hold hands
and exchange glances
you look at me deeply
with concern
for our time grew short
but our love
became larger than we
the rain came shortly thereafter;
strong, with a sense of urgency
we said nothing
but everything was communicated
as we kissed
soft, deeply, passionately
digging deeper
a page that contained
“just a silly bit of prose”
the pink sweater
missing one
pearlescent button
the virginal masquerade
my pulse quickens
thinking of you
wearing said sweater
you ask the reader:
“I hope they never
notice the missing
too late
for that is where
my mind
an envelope
containing several pages
of fear, poured out
upon the pages
like a Pollack piece
on the backs
gentle poetry
as if you
knew that I was there
all along
like a pebble in
your pocket
a small bottle
“from the sky
above my head”
a translucent liquid
we both know
what this signifies
the little notes
explaining each and every
lettered and thought out
the largest item:
with a note
“This made me think
of you…”

who knew that a transistor radio
tuned to a dead channel
could be so

– floyd kelley

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